New Garden Bed

 Brent is making me a new garden bed for my dahlia addiction. It is a huge garden and now I wonder if I have enough dahlia's - what a concern! It is going to look so pretty come summer.

Hooray Spring is officially here.

The Kowhai petals are making a stunning carpet in the paddock.
Blossoms galore... I'm not letting myself think too far ahead to the work of processing all the fruit.
Rory the Rooster is under this tree which is a grafted one of an apricot and we think it is a peach or nectarine. We have only ever had apricots off it which were just the best!!

I sure am happy it is spring! It's been a long wet winter.



I grew up as a royalist. Now I have very mixed feelings. But I still stayed up through the night and watched the funeral. Dozed off a few times. I can have a nana nap as no clients today.

Loved seeing the Queens loved pets. How the handlers did not have any corgi fur on their black pants amazes me.
Enjoyed seeing bright coloured flowers instead of white and that they all came from the gardens of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House in London - and Highgrove House in Gloucestershire

Nectarine Blossom


Snow Queen - Laura my cat is under this (most fruit trees have a critter helping nourish the tree)

Nectarine Goldmine Hazel a chicken is under this.

Looking forward to summer fruit, but for now loving all the blossom that springtime brings.